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October Happenings

As I really start writing this I am sitting in the emergency room at the hospital.  No I am not sick.  I will tell you more later.  Keep on reading to find out.

The first week of October started off with school on Monday.  I had planned to go to the park that afternoon around four but other plans came up.  Sadie, Darling, another girl, and I bought bixes for and took them to one our friend’s house for supper.  We ate and sang song in Spanish.  We left to return home.

There were two nights that we did not have children’s class. One night we did not have it because it was raining.  The other night many people were sick with colds.

I happen to come down with a cold.  It was not fun in the least.  It affect my voice some.  I would teach my students in this croaky voice.  After I had the cold.  My students caught the cold as well.  It made rounds alright.

First Friday night for youth, we had a farewell for Sadie as a youth group.  We played games.  Darling and I  were responsible for the chips and drink.  That night I also went with the youth from Malpaisillo.  I spent the night with Autumn.  Alisha went back to the states for a furlough.  I spent one night with her.  She made me a lovely breakfast in the morning.  I returned home on the bus.  Not many people were wanting to venture out because it was raining.  It felt like a short ride compared to Guatemala.  I was also very sleepy.  Sadie picked me up at the bus drop off.  That same weekend it rained from Friday afternoon until Monday afternoon.  It was good to see the sunshine again.

One day during the second week there was a lot activity around the church.  My poor students had a hard time staying concentrated on their work.  But they were glad when school was done so they could help.

Driving practice has slowed down a bit.  But there was one time we were practicing.  We came up to a big water puddle  that was about two deep.  Gary thought good.  This is a good time for me to practice driving in four-wheel drive.  We got everything ready.  I started through the water puddle about half way we stopped.  We then backed out of the puddle.  I was not very comfortable with driving through the mud puddle.  We also went driving after our weekend of rain.  Maybe that is why there was a big mud puddle.

The second last Friday afternoon we had a surprise farewell for Sadie.  Thanks to one of the ladies at church we were able to distract her in the morning.  It was good time hang out with ladies from both churches.

The second Sunday there was a baptism in Malpaisillo.  It was exciting to see the joy on the young man face.  It is also an exciting time for the church as well.

There were a lot people who have been sick.  It could have been a cold or flu.  Thanks be to God everyone is on the mend.

So, the last Thursday morning Darling went to use the bathroom.  She passed out and was laying on the floor for a while.  Eventually she went to room.  I went to use the bathroom and notice that she was not feeling well.  She knocked on the door and told she was sick.  She did not attend staff prayer that morning.  Later, she told Sadie that she was coughing up blood.  I said she should go to the hospital to get checked out.  There were other people who thought along the same lines.  We convinced her to go to the hospital after that night.  She got checked out and the doctor wanted to consult a specialist.  They decided they wanted to keep her overnight for observation.  Wendy and I went with; Wendy spent the rest of the night with her.  I went home because I had to teach school in the morning. I slept well till the security alarm went off around 5:45.  There was another girl who spend part of Friday with her.  I was planning to be with her that afternoon and leave the house around two.  But she was discharged later that afternoon.  I took her in on Sunday to get the results from her tests.  Everything came back clear.  She is feeling better now.  Praise God.

The last Friday afternoon we had a baby shower for one on the ladies at the church.  There were two ladies that are from the church in charge of the baby shower.  Darling and I agreed to make an Nicaraguan dish.  Darling was going to make it.  Well, she was in the hospital when they arrived at the church.  They asked me if I had started cooking the chicken and carrots.  I had not started.  I thought one of the ladies sister was going to come over and make it.  Well, that was not happening.  So, I dismissed my students for an early recess.  I then told them I could help them with anything.  Well, I started cooking the rest of the dish.  I ended up canceling school for the rest of the day.  Here, I was cooking a dish that I had never made before.  And with all the other things that were going on I was stressed.

The last Sunday was my birthday.  I want to thank every that wished me a happy birthday from back in Canada and the States.  I tried to stay under the radar for my birthday this year.  In Nicaragua, it is tradition for the birthday person to get egged.  The way this is done I am told.  They put baby powder on the head.  Then they smash an egg on the head.  This did not happen to me.  I was thankful.  I was invited over to Nate and Angie for lunch along with Darling. PVTE3012[1] I was given cards from my students and their siblings.  Also, they gave me a delicious lunch of yummy chicken, corn, potatoes, and yummy trifle that had chocolate.  Later Ken and Brenda Miller’s children brought cake over to the church.  WE ate cake and talked until I took them home.

Also, that same night there were people who started setting up a trampoline along with a cotton candy and popcorn.   This has never really happen before so it was interesting to see.  I don not know how long they were outside my house.

Also, we have started girls class on Saturdays.  They had stopped during the riots earlier this year.  It was hard to get it started again.  But the more we have more come out.  Please pray that more girls would come out to the classes.

Girls Class
Since, Sadie had returned to the United States.  Darling and I have had interesting conversations.  Mostly, they are in Spanish.  It has cause for some good laughs as well.  She is trying to learn English .  Some of the time we will talk in English but most often we talk Spanish.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Wyatt and Rosa as they continued instruction class.  Pray that Wyatt will find a job to support his family.  Pray they would continue to grow in their Christain walk.
  • Pray for Jose 1 as he continues instruction class.  Pray that he would grow in his Christian walk.  Pray that he would remain faithful to the church.
  • Pray for the churches member here in Leon and Malpiasillo.  Pray that they would remain faithful to the church.  Pray that they would be a witness to their family and friends around them.
  • Pray for Shelby and her sister.  Pray they would realize that they would need Christ.  Pray they would realize that life is not worth living for self. Pray accept Christ into their hearts.
  • Pray for Jose 2.  He attends regularly.  He had a child with a woman.  Pray that he would realize that living with a woman outside the bonds of marriage is not acceptable in God’s eyes.  Pray that he would also surrender his life to Christ.
  • Pray for Jose 3.  He was just baptized last month.  Pray that he would remain faithful to the church.  Pray that he would continue to grow in his Christian walk.
  • Pray that I would continue to understand and speak the language.  There are days good and other days that are bad. Pray that I would see the opportunities around to show Christ to the people here in Nicaragua.

Thank you so much for prayers and support.  May God richly bless you.


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