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Beginnings of Life in Nicaragua

On September 3, 2018, my Dad graciously took me to the airport.  My flight left at 6:01 a.m.  We got my bags checked in.  Everything went fine through security.  I scan my ticket and was told to go to door number three.  The door was close so I waited for a bit before a man said to go in room two.  It was waiting room for those that were waiting to go through the rest of security.  Shortly after I sat down; a lady open the door for us to finish going through security.  I had no problems.  I went to my gate where I waiting for about an hour before I board the plane.
At the beginning of my flight to Miami, we were told that is raining in Miami.  Everything was going smoothly until the pilot was told go around the bottom part of the Caribbean and come up through the south. It added on another 45 minutes to the flight.   I started to panic.  But I reminded myself everything will work out.  We landed in Miami and it was raining.  The pilot told us that people will be there to help us to catch our connecting flights.  I was one of the last to get off the plane.  I walked out of the plane and into the airport.  I did not see anyone in the airport to help me to catch my next flight.  I then started to look for my gate. I found a board with all the flights and their gates.  The gate number was 17.  I started to walk rapidly towards my gate.  I got there and they were boarding the people.  I quickly sat down and tied my shoes.  I got in line and soon was on my flight to Managua.  I had not slept since I got up.  I dozed until they bought snacks around.

First Look of Nicaragua

Everything went smoothly through security in Managua.  I went to one last x-ray machine before I met who was picking me up.  I walked and started to look for someone I knew or recognized.  I then saw Gary pointing to go through the doors and met them on the outside of the building.  Sadie and Darling also came along.  We loaded up my luggage into the microbus.  We went to get something to eat.  We then pick up Nate Miller at the Price Smart.  We then started for Leon.  Darling, Sadie, and I chat part of the way back and then dozed until we got to Leon.  We arrived in León. I looked around at everything I saw. We drove past the mall and then turn down a street which took us to another street that ran parallel to the street with the mall. We turned on to this street and this was the street which I would call home. First impressions are always great. I remember thinking something along these lines. I left Ontario, Canada for a road that has trash off to the side. What have I gotten myself into?

We parked and unloaded my bags. We took them up to the apartment.  I was shown my room. I started to unpack. I think I unpacked everything that night.

I took a little rest because I had slept only three hours the night before. I had not really slept on the plane.

Later that evening we went to invite the children out for children’s class the following night.  They had stopped because of the political unrest that had been going on.  We stopped by Nathan’s house and I meet the rest of his family.  After we were done that, we climbed into the van and drove to see a little baby boy that was born on Saturday. He was so cute.PHOTO-2018-10-11-09-15-01

Later, we went for tacos. Tacos in Nicaragua are different than the ones in Ontario. Tacos in Ontario are the tacos that come from Mexico. They were very good.PHOTO-2018-10-11-09-15-00

Every Tuesday evening we have children’s class. We met at six for prayer. I was introduced to the rest staff – Joel and Jody Heatwole. I had met Ken and Brenda’s family early that day. We girls left around 6:45 to pick up the children. We started around seven. The children all lined up from youngest to the youth.  We personal workers ladies have the youngest class. We all go sit down in the church and sing a few songs and have a word of prayer before we are dismissed to our classes.  Sadie read two Bible stories. She asked a few questions about the stories.  After the children coloured a picture relating to the story, one little boy was so tired that he fell asleep.  Ken gave us a five minute call till the end.  We had the children lineup and we went back to our seats. I carried the sleeping boy. I tried to tell the boys to move over so they could make room for me. By this time the little boy had woken from all the noise. We sang The Lord Is My Shepherd and prayed before we were dismissed. Ken was waiting at the door to give a snack. Soon after we take the children home.PHOTO-2018-10-11-10-06-47

The rest of the week I settled in.  I changed the sleeve length of some of my dresses. We went shopping for groceries.

Wednesday night the León staff went out for pizza.  Someone graciously donated money so we could go out. I want to thank them.

Every Thursday night we have church. One night we have devotions and prayer. The next week there is a topic.

Every other Friday night we have youth night. My first Friday we had youth here in León. They acted the story You are Special by Max Lucado.  We were given a snack afterwards. We talked and hung out for awhile.

The second Saturday of every month is ladies prayer in the morning. It is held here at the church. That morning came rather quickly. It is at six in the morning. I will say that will be something that I will have to get used to on Saturday mornings.

Sunday mornings, us girls open up the church. I said when I was in Canada; I missed the singing in Spanish.  Ken and Joel have the message on Sunday mornings. They take turns every other Sunday.  I had rethink how to listen in Spanish again. I was spoiled having been home for three weeks.

Later on Sunday afternoon, we went and passed out La Antorcha to people. They are a little booklet with stories and word puzzles for people. Try handing out booklets with a limited amount of Spanish. It was fine though.

One week after I had been here.  The youth girls from both León and Malpaisillo went to Asososca Lake.  We had a little trouble getting up the hill.


Sadie was driving at the time and she thought she could not get up the hill.  Alisha thought she could.  So, she tried to get up the hill a few times with us girls trying to help push.  I asked if the truck had four wheel drive. It did. I pulled out the drive manual to see how to change it to four wheel drive.  It was all in Spanish.  Nice.  Alisha called one of the two Jason’s in Malpaisillo and he told her how to change it into four wheel drive.  Well, she got up the hill with us pushing up the hill.  But she stopped where the road turned.  Here Sadie took over and got up the rest of the hill.   We all climbed in and continued to the lake.   We had to hike down a steep hill to get to the lake.  While we were swimming, it started to thunder.  Darling and Alisha got out the water to start a fire.  Well it started to rain while they started the fire.  Someone found a piece of tin that we covered the fire with while we roasted our chicken dogs.  There was a shack type thing that we went into while it rained.  After another time swimming, we hiked back up the hill and returned home.

The next two weeks I spent time getting ready to teach school.  I did not realize all the head work that was involved.  We started school on September 21.  So far it has been going well.PHOTO-2018-10-11-15-33-19

On September 17, we girls from León went to the ocean to celebrate a youth girl’s birthday.  It was a beautiful day.  I had to think of the song Creation Calls when I saw the waves rolling into the shore.

From September 18-24, one of the board members and the director were down. They spent much of their time here in León and the other in Malpaisillo.  It was good to meet them.

Another thing, I have been doing down here is learning how to drive manual. My classes started the first Thursday since I am down here.  It is going ok.  Darling is also learning how drive. So, we go out with Gary about once or twice a week.  Gary has had a lot of patience with the two of us.

The last Saturday of September we as personal workers from both locations went to the ocean to watch the sunset.  Gary had made Cornhole boards that we took along to the ocean.  It was fun learning how to play the game and getting to know the people from Malipisillo better.  After the sunset, we went to a little restaurant to have fish.  We could pick our fish that we wanted.

Many people asked me how a typical day is.  I can say no day is the same.  Right now I teach school in the mornings.  There is always something to do. Sometimes we going to Malipisillo for church on Wednesday nights.

One thing I am learning is I can have my day planned but something might come up that my plans need to change.  I guess you can called that flexibility and learning to roll with things.


Prayer Request (I have changed the names of the people.)

  • José #1 has asked to become a member of the church. He is currently taking instruction class with Ken. Pray that he would be able to learn much during this time.  Also, pray that he would remain faithful.
  • Wyatt and Rosa have also asked to become members of the church.  They are having instruction class with Joel and Jody.  Pray they would learn lots during this time. Also, pray they would raise their boy for Christ.  Pray for that their marriage would grow stronger each day.
  • José #2 meets with Gary to study English. Pray that Gary would be able to share the gospel with him.
  • Shelby#1 comes to church and other youth activities. Pray that one day she would have desire to come to know Christ.
  • Shelby#2 became a member is the church on October 7.  Pray that she would remain faithful to Christ.
  • Pray for the children class we have on Tuesday nights. Pray that the stories would embedded in their young hearts
  • Pray that I would be able to continue to adjust to the culture, language, and weather.

Thanks for your prayers, emails, and texts.



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