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Today is Remembrance Day. It a day where the world remembers all the fallen soldiers.  This day was when World War One ended. This war was to symbolize the end of all wars. As history has past it was not the war that ended all wars.   Twenty-one years after this war another war erupted, calling many young men and women to war again. They joined up. But many of the Mennonite men did not join in the war. Why? Because they were conscientious objectors.  They believed what the Bible taught in Matthew 6:24. No man can serve two masters. They stood firm for what they believed. They left fathers, mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, and brothers behind, and built bridges, railways, and roads.  They were sent out to British Columbia and Northern Ontario to develop the land. Yes, they left behind family because they were allowed ‘to serve’ the country they lived in this way.


I worked in a long term care home where I looked after veterans of War World Two.  I remember asking one man if he could tell me a story about the war. He replied “No, , I do not want to think about that.  It was trouble.” I remember telling him that war is trouble and he agreed with me.


There was a woman who served in the war as a nurse, another male that served in the air force and one as a chaplain. Yes, they left Canada behind and went to Europe.  I am thankful they went so I can have my freedom. I am thankful for the men and women that are serving my country today. They are allowing me to have my freedom.


Will Canada ever have a draft?  They are going to call both men and women. I do not know but I want to be ready now if that ever would happen. What would you do, Christalyn?


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