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As this is being posted, I flying back to Canada.  The story of my department from Nicaragua well come later.

This is not a monthly update but rather musing that I have made over the past year.

I can tell you that I have not gotten to where I am without the help of God and good friends and family.

Flying over Nicaragua the day I came to the country that has become home.  I cried for missing the country that had been home for so many years.  I did not know what the next months would how for me.  The following months would a months of struggle and triumph.

What has life in Nicaragua people ask?  Life in Nicaragua is different than life in Canada.  Life in Canada is rush here and rush there.  People live for their vacation days from work.  Life in Nicaragua is taking life as it comes.  People do not live for their vacation days.  People are looking for jobs down here.

People are friendlier down here in Nicaragua.  I can walk down the street and say “adios” to people.  “Adios” is the normal greeting down here.  Saying a greeting to someone in Canada would be considered abnormal.  People are more laid back here.  I do not know many times I have plans that are considered last for Canada.  I think this characteristic has rubbed off onto me. Yes, things do get planned around here.  But sometimes the last minutes plans turn out to be the best.

When it rains down here everyone runs for cover?  As I walked to the coffee shop, it started to rain.  I watched everyone run for cover.  I must have like a gringo (white person).  I also did not have an umbrella.  I do have a raincoat but it was at my house.  So…..I ended up the coffee shop a little damp.  I am ok with it.  In Canada, I would have ran for cover.

I walk more than I do in Canada.  Everything is close to my house.  Yeah, I could walk forty five minutes to Central.  I do take transportation around here.  I enjoy taking a tritaxis down here.  I also like to take the bus as well.  But if I would like to get to my destination, I will take a taxi.

I enjoy the great food.  To be honest, food down here is cheaper down here. But there are food down here that I would have use at home.  Yes, I do miss some of the fruits, vegetables, and meat from Canada.  I enjoy running to the tienda to grab some food to eat.  The fruit juices are good down here.  They are better than frozen juices from Canada.

The scenery is beautiful down here.  Canada is beautiful as well.

I hear lizards running away from me as a walk. I hear lizards run in ceiling of house.   Am I afraid of the lizards?  No.  I have a fear of snakes. I have not walk/run into any snakes down here.  I am thankful.

What do I all see when I go for a walk?  I see shoe shiners working on shining shoes.  I see many people selling cut up mangos, watermelon, different types of fruit, and melons to earn some money.  I see many tiendas selling many kinds pop, candy, chips, dish and laundry soaps, and many different things.  I see people sitting out on their front porches chatting with their neighbours, friends, and family.  Sometimes I stop and talk with these people.  I tell Darling that I am going for about thirty minutes and sometime it ends up for an hour because I have stop to talk with people.  I see many people going different directions.  I have thought many times where are these people going.  What about their spiritual direction?

I am glad I am not the same person that left Canada those eleven months ago.  I am thankful that God has changed me into who He wants me to be.  He still continues to change me.  I know that He will not be finished His work in me till I am home with Him.

Joshua 1:9 is one of my favourite verse.  I need to get my courage from God.  I cannot do life alone.  I have tried to life alone.  It is very hard.  We also need each other as we flight the battle of faith.

As you continue flighting the battle of faith, look to Jesus for your strength for each new day.


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