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April started off with the Ephrata group being here.  They left the first Thursday morning.  We cleaned everything and got things back into shape.  I prepared to get ready for school the next day. The group had graciously blessed us with several boxes of cereal.  So, that night after church we had cereal fellowship meal.  It was very good.  This is when I discovered we had some sour milk.  Uggh!  I thought it was because the group was here our milk had spoiled.  I open a new milk carton and poured it on my milk.  Little did I know that this would be the beginning of having trouble with our fridge. The fridge part was not cold at all.  I turned it down but it did not get cold.  I turned it all the way down but it still did not get cold.  Nate said to defrost the fridge.  So, we put everything into another fridge and defrosted it.  This seem to work for a bit but it remain the same temperature.  So, our fridge went away to get fixed.  We now have a working fridge.

It was also Jonny’s birthday this month.  A few people planned a surprise birthday party for him.  I believe we surprised.  We had a yummy pizza supper.

This month we celebrated Easter.  Easter is celebrated down here but different then the way I grow up.  Leading up to Easter there are many parades depicting the Easter Story.  It is really sad because many of these parades are part of the Catholic background.  Also, the week of Easter the schools have a week long break.  It is tradition that many people go to the beach and drink alcohol.  There are many people that drown because they are drunk. Also, another very sad thing about the Easter is celebrated down here.

My students have been memorizing Isaiah 53 for memory work.  When I decided that they were going to memorize it, I gave it not thought that it would be around Easter that they are memorizing it.  I had to think of verse five.  Jesus went through so much for you and me.  So that you and I can have eternal life with him.  Imagine with me for a bit.  His trail was not a fair trial. The rulers of the day want to get rid of Him as soon as possible.  Herod could not sentence HIm without getting into trouble with Polite.  So Polite was the only that could sentence Him.  Polite wanted nothing to do with it.  So, he sent Jesus back to Herod.  All this time Jesus was is deep pain and sorrow from the crown of thorns, the whippings, and betrayal from His disciples.  In the end the soldiers put a purple robe that was fit for a King.  But the back of it was probably bloody.  Polite washed his hands of the whole crucifixion.  He wanted nothing to do it.  He let Barbas go.  As, Jesus walked up the pathway to Calvary for you and me.  He was forced to carry His own cross.  Until the soldiers realized how tired Jesus was.  Then they asked Simon’s son to carry the cross for Jesus.  When everyone reached the hill, the soldiers nailed Jesus to the cross.  They lifted up the cross and now everyone could see Jesus.  The crowd spat out insults to Jesus.  Even the one that was being crucified with him joined in.  He was thirsty and He asked for a drink.  The soldiers gave them vinegar to drink.  Though his agony He looked down at His mother and saw her sorrow.  His disciple John took over caring for Jesus mother. What was going through Jesus mind as he handed over the responsibilities to John? My favourite part of the story is when Jesus arose from the dead.  We as Christians have a hope that no other religion can offer.

We also have revival meetings in April.  The speaker was Walter Guido.  He is from Jintogo, Nicaragua.  It is a few hours away from Leon.  It was good week.  Praise God a young man accepted Christ in heart.


Rainy season has started here.  With the start of rainy season brings cooler weather.  At times I am cold.  I realize that I have accustomed to the weather now here.  I do miss the snow though.  But I had to think with the start of rainy season everything is turning green.  Back in Canada everything is turning green as well.  There are times in Christian life that we go through dry seasons.  Along comes the rain and our lives turn green again.

One of the first youth activities for the month of May was taking a skid and rebuilding it into something new.  My group build a bird house.  It was found to use the hammer again. It brought back memories of helping my dad with projects around the house.  The other night we had spiritual study night.  We looked Philip helping the Ethiopian eunuch becoming a Christian.  We were divided up into groups to discuss the passage of scripture.  I was able to understand most of the questions but then getting my thoughts translated to Spanish was a bit of challenge.  But it was good for me.

At this point, I do not know where my Spanish is at.  I can carry on a conversation with people.  If they use words that I do not know it is hard.  Sunday morning messages I am slowly understanding them.

Also, in the month of May was Darling’s birthday.  I planned a party for her.  It was also Rachel’s birthday.  I planned a surprise party the same day as Darling.  We rice, beans, chicken, coleslaw and cupcakes. Wendy planned some games for us.  One game was looking at something for fifteen seconds.  Afterwards we had to remember what was on the little table.  I think the most someone got was eleven.  We played the game telephone with Bible scriptures. I was horrible at this part.  I could not remember what the phrase after a few words. Otherwise, it was an enjoyable day.

Also, the month of May was Ken and Brenda’s family last month here.  There were farewells planned for them.  The church we had yummy pulled pork on a bun along with chips and different types of pop/soda.  We had this yummy ice creamy dessert.  It was refreshing to have with the heat.  We played several games.  We had a relay where we had open a piece of candy with oven mitt and work glove, it was fun to see different people to get the candy out of the wrapper.  We also sang some songs that each of the family member liked.  It was interesting to see their favourite in Spanish.  Another game that we played was airplane race.  You were given a piece of paper and you had folded it up into a paper airplane.  Those that participated had to fly through an opening where we have the Sunday school rooms/kitchen.  There were many different types of airplanes.  I had to think about physic here.

The last Sunday afternoon/evening Ken’s family was here.  We youth had a farewell for their children.  We made pizza.  That was fun.  Everyone wanted to help with everything. Along with the pizza, we had popcorn and chocolate cake.  It was good.  While the pizza was baking we played four square, basketball, and corn hole.  It was good time hanging out with them one last time as a youth group.

The last Tuesday night of the month we did not have children class because it was raining.  I will be honest here.  I really do not want to have children class that night.  The guideline that we use not to have children class.  If it is still rainy by 5:30, we cancel class.  It was still rainy at 5:30.  I think we as personal workers eat some of the pico pan that we use for a prize at the end of class.

The last girl’s class for this month we went to a park because it was the last it was Ken’s daughters last time.  It was a beautiful time.   It was rather sad though too.  We were going to be losing them from our Saturday classes.

On May 31, Ken’s family left Nicaragua.  It was sad day.  But it was also exciting because a group was coming.  We cleaned things up around here because it was just a group of girls coming with their teacher and chaperones.

Prayer Request

  • Pray for Ken and Brenda and their family as they adjust to life back in the States.
  • Pray for the board as they continue to look for someone to replace Ken and Brenda.
  • Pray for John and Laura Penner as they come and help us out for a few months.
  • Pray for the children that come to children class
    • Pray they would listen
    • Pray that we as staff can show God’s love to them
  • Pray for the young man who accepted Christ into his heart during revival meetings.
  • Pray that we as a staff can work together to forth God’s Kingdom.
    • Pray that we would not get in the way of us work.

Thank you for your prayers and support.













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