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Broken for Christ

“Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God.”  Since moving to Nicaragua, I have prayed that God would open my eyes to the needs around me.  I look out the window of my house.  I see the drunk that walks down the street.  I see many children who attend the school across my street.  I see many vehicles that pass by–motorcycles,taxis, tritaxis, and carts just to name of few.  When we have children’s class, a nine year old boy needs to bring his younger sister because his mom is too tired to care for her.  Or when three girls came late to class, I discovered that the oldest had to care for the younger two girls, and one of the girls has a fever.

I walk the street and wave to a grandma that watches what is happening in the street.  When I go to the park and play with the children, I ask questions about their family.  As I hear their stories, my heart breaks.  I hear about how a brother watches his little sister while his parents work.  I hear how some children do not have a home.  As they fall down they start to cry. Rachel and I comfort them .  I have to think, “Who comforts them when they fall down other times?”  I look at the girls that come to girls’ class.  I see the desolate eyes from facing hard things that teenagers should not have to see.  All these people are going in different directions.  What am I going to do about it?

    The song Into Our Hands has been a challenge to me.

Into Our Hands

Ruth J.Carruth; Tillit S.Teddlie

Swiftly we’re turning life’s daily pages,

Swiftly the hours are changing to years;

How are we using God’s golden moments?

Shall we reap glory? Shall we reap tears?


Into our hands the Gospel is given,

Into our hands is given the light,

Haste, let us carry God’s precious message,

Guiding the erring back to the right.


Millions are groping without the Gospel,

Quickly they’ll reach eternity’s night;

Shall we sit idly as they rush onward?

Haste, let us hold up Christ the true light.


Souls that are precious, souls that are dying,

While we rejoice our sins are forgiven;

Did He not also die for these lost ones?

Then let us point the way unto heaven.

It has caused me think.  God has called each one of us share the gospel.  He may call you to a country away from your family and friends.  Or he might call you to to stay home with your family and friends and share the gospel with those that you rub shoulders with every day.  We may want to do something mighty for God in some distant country, but we need to serve Him where we are called.

I thought I never would be school teacher, but God had other plans for me.  One way I share the Gospel currently is through teaching Nathan and Angie’s children.  This has  taught me a lot.  If the teacher is tired, it will pass on to the students.  Also, it has stretched my patience.  I cannot rely on my own strength.  Matthew 28:20b ‘and, lo I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.’ God is there for me every step of the way.

Learning the Spanish language has also been a stretching experience.  Many times, as I listen to the children and people that I visit, I would like to understand them.  But as I continue to learn the language, God has been with me.  Teaching Sunday school,  I have often wondered, “Are the children understanding the story that I am teaching them?”  It is encouraging to see when the children are able to answer the questions about the story.  As I stumble over the stories that I read in the times there will be another child that will take over and help with the story.

Christ came to this earth to die on a cruel Roman cross.  He did not stay in the tomb.  He arose.  This is the glorious Gospel we have to share in Nicaragua and wherever God calls us.

I wrote this for the Olive Branch Mennonite Mission newsletter.  It came out around Easter time.  I have decided that April/May Update will be together.  I am currently still writing April update.

I also ask for your prayers as I continue to serve God here in Nicaragua.


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