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God’s Mercy

So, a month without Instagram.  What did I learn? I learned that Instagram can be time-consuming and additive.  Also, it can take away from people who really need you.  As well, it can take away from your time with God.  Since I am back on Instagram.  I will continue to strive to do my devotions before checking Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp update.  So, I am willing to open and transparent with all my readers.  Feel free to email, text, or message to see how I am doing.  Also, this blog post is not edited by normal editor.  It is the most untarnished thing that I have published.  Let me know if you enjoy the untarnished or tarnished version.

Beautiful Sunset on the Beach.

So, we have started to have children class on Tuesday night again.  I taught the first two Tuesday nights.  They were some protest from the children but Darling and I continued on with class as normal.  The first story I taught was the birth of Isaac and his father offered him for a sacrifice. The third Tuesday night Rachel asked me if I could go with her to Eighth Street to get some children.  While we were walking, I asked if we could down Seventh Street.  The Sunday before Darling, Julio, and I were outside talking.  When a blue truck pulled up, out jumped a man and muchacho (youth girl).  The man was the girl’s uncle.  He is a pastor at Evangelical church Managua.  The muchacha was interested in coming to our church.  Darling told her about girls that we have on Saturdays.  Julio told them about church we have on Sunday morning and Thursday night.  I thought ok what if we could meet up with girl; she could come with us to class that night.  So we walked on down Seventh Street.  We did not find this girl but we did meet with some children that wanted to come to children class.  We continue our walk to Fourth Street were we picked up some of our regular children that come.  By the time we arrived at the church we had a crew of children.  Well that last Tuesday night there was only five people who helped with classes.  Gary was asked to lead songs.  It did not go very well.  I must say it was a little stressful.

One particular night after children class that had gone really well.   I had to think.  I wonder if the children are getting the Bible stories.  Then I got a gift from a child or youth that comes from a difficult home.  Then you realize you might be making an impact on the children and youth.

I had my “March Break” while Nate and Angie went to Minister Meetings for Central and South America.  It was a restful week.

The first night youth we played soccer out in Malpaisillo.  After we played soccer, we headed over to Jason and Krista for supper.  We as youth were asked to plan the fellowship dinner between the two churches.  So, we were divided up into three groups.  One group planned the food.  Another planned games for the children.  The final group planned games for the adults.  I was in the group to plan the adult games.  We planned to blind volleyball with water balloons.

Water Ballons Ready for the Game!

After a while, we took down the blankets.  Ok, I need to explain how we got the balloons over the net.  Two people held a towel and tossed the balloons over the net.  When all the water balloons were used up.  We played volleyball normal.  After the supper we had a game for everyone that was married.  We asked questions that they had to answer about the spouse.  Some of the questions were as the following: Where did you meet?  What are their favourite colour?  How many shoes do they have?  How old were they when they had their first child?  We got them all back together and reread the questions to see if they got them right.  It was interesting to found out different things about each of the couples. Some of the girls decorated the Sunday school room area for Valentine Day since it was close to the day.  We were served a good meal for supper that night.

Good grilling going on!

We had some visitors come to visit that were former staff.  It was Delmar and Sarah and Deborah.  Deborah stayed with us girls.  I felt like I did not have entertain her.  She go and do things by herself.  She arrived on third early Tuesday in the morning.  They had trouble with their flight coming in late Monday night.  So, that is why they arrived when they did.

Some of the things that we did when Deborah was here: go to the beach, visit people, had tacos and pupas, talked, and shopping.  Ok, I did not do tourist shopping but I drove the person who was doing tourist shopping.  It is rather hard to be tourist in my city.  It feels like home now.

We had a baby welcoming for Joel and Jody baby.  I would have called it a baby shower but down here baby showers are before the baby is born.  It was held at our house.  So that required cleaning up the house.

I think the Monday before the before the baby welcoming.  I spent two-three hours on my hands and knees cleaning the floor with paint thinner.  Some of the floor had paint spatters.  I first tried with a little bit of paint thinner but that did not work.  I eventually poured it on the floor.  Ok, I did not flooded the floor.  When I went to clean an area, I poured it on and scrubbed.  Needless to say,  my knees and fingers were sore from scrubbing and kneeling.

The baby welcoming went off without a hitch.  One of the games that was played.  The planners put pieces of paper on the bottom some of the chairs.  They had written questions about caring for a baby.  The people need to answer the questions.  It was interesting to hearing the answers/ advice to the questions.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and support.  I really appreciate it.

Prayer Requests

  1.  Pray that we can continue to work as team down here.
  2. Pray the board would be able find someone to replace Ken and Brenda.
  3. Pray for those that are instruction class.
  4. Pray that I would be able to continue learning the language.
  5. Pray for the children that come to children class.
    1. Pray for the teachers that teach the class.
    2. Pray the stories would take root in their hearts.
  6. Pray that I would be able to meet up with the girl from seventh street.



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