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All the Time God Is Good

As I start my January update, I am sitting in a rocking chair, Spanish music playing in the background.  If I stop and really listen, I am able to understand. January was mostly uneventful, and a bit of a tough month for me.  I had been thinking I need to work on my prayer and devotion life, and decided that at the beginning of February, I would unplug myself from Facebook and Instagram for a month. I think it’s good to unplug from social media at times. But then something happened to my phone.  I was cleaning the guest room and I had stuck it my cape. I was walking to the bathroom when my phone fell into the pail of water I was carrying. I quickly grabbed it out of the water. I took the cover off and dried it off and put it in rice. As time went on, I was not able to use my phone.  I have been limiting myself to using Facebook a few times a day.

We had girls’ class that day.  I had not slept well the night before and thought I would take a nap for an hour.  I laid down and tried to sleep…but was unable to. I pulled out my devotional book. The January 26 title was Look Again and Consecrate with Matthew 6:30 as the chosen verse: “If God so clothe the grass of the field…shall He not much more clothe you.”  I had to stop and think. God knew that my phone would drop into the water. He cares about every detail in our life. As it mentioned in later verses, the birds and lilies do not have worry about a thing because our Heavenly Father cares for them.  He wants to care for me as well, but I have to be willing to let Him do so. He wanted to get my attention. He wants me to walk closely with him. (I will admit it had been hard to be without my phone).

At the beginning of this month Darling and I painted our house.  Joel and Jody came over the first day we started painting, and Joel helped us with taping.  Since we were using an oil base paint, Jody could not be around the paint. I had the most experience between Darling and I , so I was “in charge”.  I explained in Spanish how to paint around the edges, then showed Darling how to do it. Later in the day Ken and Brenda stopped by. I explained to them that I had helped my parents with painting projects.  Ken said something to the effect that God is stretching me in different areas. I replied that He was.

After we finished cleaning up the paint from the first day, we were not in the mood to do any cooking. So, we headed out to fritigua (similar to pop up restaurant) to get bixes.   There are many around the city. Bixes include beef, tortillas, rice and beans, and salad. While we were waiting for our number to be called, there were some young men that were there. They sniff glue and that messes with their brains similar to alcohol. They were doing catcalls and tried to speak in English.  I pretended I did not understand what they were saying in English. I guess that is one of the benefits of knowing two languages. Darling and I were both a little scared. We eventually got our bixes and walked rapidly to the truck. That night before we ate we thanked God for His protection.

The first Friday night for youth Darling, Rachel, and I were in charge of the games and food. The day of youth Rachel and I went and bought the things we needed for youth that night.  While we were preparing, we had many good laughs. The games we played were balloon dances and occupation. We served a bean dip with chips, fruit, and Fresca. Fresca is fruit blended with sugar and water added.  There are many different types of Fresca that can be made. I think everyone enjoyed their time.

I have started teaching school again to Nate and Angie’s children.  It has been good to get back into a routine again.

The second time we had youth, it was in Malpaisillo.  We played several games that required us to remember facts and verses about the Bible.  Trying to think of how to say names in Spanish can be difficult.

On Sunday afternoon, Darling and I went to the beach to have a relaxing afternoon.  We passed by the place that sells tacos. We both wanted to eat tacos. Darlin knows how to make tacos.  So, that night we had tacos for supper. When we arrived at home, the familiar circus was outside selling popcorn along with allowing children to use a trampoline for a price.  They park right outside the garage doors. At times it can be difficult to drive. I carefully navigated the van into the garage.

Also, the same day Darlin and I went to the beach was the night of the lunar eclipse.  Darlin and I went out on our part of the roof to watch it. I was a beautiful sight to see.

If you have been trying to reach me, you can email me at  I will give you my number. I am also on WhatsApp. Also, if you happen to have WhatsApp and would like daily updates, you can message me with my Nicaraguan number.  My prayer card has my number.  Please do not use the first three numbers.  It will not work.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

Please continue to pray that God will be glorified through everything.  Please pray as we start up children’s classes again. Please, pray for those that are in instruction class.  Pray that God would be able to work through them. Pray for a replacement pastor for Ken and Brenda. (They leave in May.)  Please pray for those that are members of the church. Pray they would remain faithful till the end. Pray they could be witness to their families as well.



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