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10 Things I Like About Nicaragua

After my last post, it may sound like I do not like living where God has called me. I will be honest with you. I do like living here, but when I went for my training in New York City, they said I would start the journey on an emotional high. Slowly you start to go down. Eventually, you reach the bottom. Well, let me tell you I hit rock bottom very fast. Now all I have to do is to start climbing up.

So, I have decided to write ten things I like about Nicaragua.

  1. I have been enjoying the beautiful weather. There are parts of me that miss the snow, but I like the sunny weather here.
  2. Seeing how God has worked in the lives of the Nicaraguans here.
  3. Meeting up with children that come to children’s class in the street 


  4. Fresh fruits and vegetables, along with other good food. 

  5. The beautiful countryside. I can go within an hour of home and be at a volcano. 

  6. Living about half an hour from the ocean.IMG_1836.JPG
  7. The family unit that has been created here. We all have been called here from different places, but we create a family with each other. 

  8. The simple-ness of life.
  9. Speaking Spanish. Yes, it has been a journey to learning the language. I am sorry if you are talking to me and Spanish comes out, but the part of my brain where language is located is slightly confused.
  10. The Nicaraguan thunderstorms, wind, -and rain. It makes the earth fresh again.img_1747As I continue on the journey that God has called me to.  I will continue to enjoy the country where I currently live.  Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

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